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Wellness: Summer Bliss with CeCe Olisa

As we bask in the remaining eight weeks of summer, CeCe Olisa has reminded us to prioritize self-care and embrace overall well-being. CeCe Olisa, the founder of Cocoa by CeCe, has some fabulous tips to make this season your ultimate self-care summer.

CeCe's self-care routine includes plenty of restful sleep, early morning sunlight, refreshing walks, indulging in fresh mangos by the ocean, and staying hydrated daily. "It's all about nurturing our bodies, minds, and spirits to find that perfect harmony that resonates throughout the summer and beyond."

But self-care isn't just about face masks and spa days—although those are delightful treats too! CeCe emphasizes the importance of rejuvenating your skin with her exfoliating scrub, followed by the luxurious nourishment of Doll Butter for a radiant and blissful experience.

Exciting news for all CeCe's fans in Martha's Vineyard: On August 12th, she will be hosting an event where you can discover her amazing Doll Butter and Self-Love Scrub in person. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Cocoa by CeCe, and let's make this summer truly unforgettable with self-care at the heart of it all.


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