Black Progress Matters



Black Progress Matters’ core mission is to change the color of leadership in organizations worldwide through our various executive staffing activities.


Black Progress Matters truly believes that in any organization, if you look to the top at the executive level and see a person of color, it will inspire everyone of color in that organization.  It speaks volumes about the character and true opportunity available in that organization - and this is what Black Progress Matters is dedicated to providing. 

– Dean Haynesworth, BPM CEO


BPM is built on the premise that if our BPM Executive Staffing Program can secure the opportunity to fill an executive opening for an organization with a qualified and appropriate Black candidate, we can change the color of the executive suite while enhancing the aspiration of everyone of color within that organization.

Today, there are only five Black CEOs in the Fortune 500.
– NPR, May 27, 2021

The representation rate of Black men in the Fortune 500 had grown less than 0.5% a year since 2010.
– Black Enterprise, October 26, 2021

The most common ethnicity of Senior Executives is White (75.2%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (9.7%) and Black (7.5%).
– Zippia, September 9, 2021