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Black Progress Matters

... changing the color of executive suites and boardrooms in America and around the world.


The BPM Mission 
Black Progress Matters recognizes that the color of the executive suite speaks volumes about the character of an organization as well as the true opportunity available for people of color in that organization.  BPM believes that if you look to the top of an organization and see Black leadership - it will inspire everyone of color in that organization.  

Our main objective, therefore, is to change the color of leadership in organizations worldwide through our various executive staffing activities.  

BPM’s Core Mission is built on the premise that if BPX Executive Staffing can secure the opportunity to fill an executive opening for an organization with a qualified and appropriate Black candidate, we can change the color of the executive suite and boardroom while enhancing the aspiration of everyone of color within the organization.

Leading organizations require diversity in leadership to add perspective and effectiveness as their employee-base becomes increasingly more diverse.  While there has been encouraging growth in Black professionals in the workplace, many organizations are struggling with diversity at the executive and boardroom level - and delivering Black leadership in both the executive suite and boardroom is key to our mission.

While our BPX Executive Staffing Program is the first pillar of our mission, we also provide an ambitious incubator program for the development and funding of Black-owned start-ups.  Developing successful Black ownership is an essential component of our core mission to change the color of leadership worldwide.

Dean Haynesworth, BPM CEO  and Executive Minority Partner

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