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BPX Executive Staffing: Glassdoor CEO on Working with BPX

We are excited to share a recent interview between our CEO Dean Haynesworth and Glassdoor's CEO, Christian Sutherland-Wong. The conversation centered around the progress that Black Progress Matters [BPM] and Glassdoor have made in advancing Black leadership within their organization.

“Before working with Black Progress Matters, we didn't have a single black executive on our leadership team, and we had very few black directors on the leadership team.” However, after partnering with BPM, the organization successfully hired Danny Guillory, Glassdoor’s Chief People Officer, who has significantly impacted Glassdoor's leadership team.

Christian continued, “We've also engaged with Black Progress Matters on a number of other leadership hires, and I've had success with working with you a couple of times since then.” These quotes demonstrate the success of the partnership between BPM and Glassdoor.

We are proud to partner with organizations like Glassdoor, who share our commitment to changing the color of the executive suite. The testimonial from Christian demonstrates the tangible impact that BPM's partnership can have on organizations.


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