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Walker Sports Audit: Ex-Morgan Stanley Advisor's NBA Fraud Scandal

A former Morgan Stanley broker, Darryl Cohen, has been charged with conspiracy to commit wire and investment advisor fraud. He and his alleged accomplices are accused of stealing $13 million from multiple professional basketball players by convincing them to invest in a fake fund between 2013 and 2018. FINRA has started procedures to bar Cohen, who is facing millions of dollars in claims from his former clients.

Professional athletes need trusted advisors to protect them from fraudulent schemes, and the recent allegations against Cohen show just how crucial this is. We're proud to have developed Walker Sports Audit in partnership with Black Progress Matters Black-owned business incubator. Our comprehensive portfolio evaluation ensures that our clients receive representation from trusted advisors they can rely on.

In short, at Walker Sports Audit, we watch the people watching your money and investments. Our services offer peace of mind to athletes and ensure their financial well-being. Learn more at


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