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Unlock a Brighter Future: Sponsor a Black Scholar

After completing the BP College Advisory Program, our first cohorts of scholars averaged 92% of their total college cost of attendance funded through a combination of scholarships, grants, and need-based financial aid.

We are proud to say that the scholars who have graduated from the first cohorts of the program are gaining admission to some of the country's top universities, including Cornell University, Syracuse University, Tufts University, Boston College, and many more schools offering high yields and return on investment. More importantly, the scholars are choosing the right-fit schools for them based on our Discovery, Strategies, and Solutions process results.

We're committed to empowering the next generation of Black leaders, and we invite you to join us by either sponsoring a Black Scholar through our program or helping us find sponsors. Each sponsorship costs $12,000; group sponsorships begin at ten Black Scholars for $100,000. By contributing, you can significantly impact a student's future. Learn more about our BP College Advisory Program here.


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