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UnBiasIt Insight: Garner Instant Insight-to-Action From Your Data

UnBiasIt introduces Sentiment Analysis with UnBiasIt Insight - an Instant Insight-to-action text analytics application empowering organizations to understand the Voice of the Employee [VoE] and Voice of the Customer [VoC] better.

The Data Challenge Organizations today are receiving increasingly unmanageable amounts of text feedback through various key data sources such as support tickets, open-ended surveys, employee responses, job postings, and customer reviews and responses, sometimes in multiple languages. Attempts to manually process this expanding data are overwhelming in terms of time and volume. As a result, many organizations cannot expeditiously and efficiently maximize this valuable data.

The UnBiasIt Insight Solution UnBiasIt Insight gives HR professionals direct control of feedback exploration and analyses – no coding or data science experience is required. With UnBiasIt Insight, you can also uncover language patterns and instances of bias across your organization, get a detailed view of how employees feel about issues at all levels of your organization, and improve satisfaction and experience.


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