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UnBiasIt: Ethical Data Management in a Changing Landscape

Data breaches and AI-driven discrimination incidents continue to raise concerns about data collection and analysis. The EU has already fined companies over €3 billion for GDPR violations. “Almost every week stories appear about how AI-driven decisions result in discrimination against women or minority members in job recruitment, credit approvals, medical diagnoses, or criminal sentencing. These stories are stoking feelings of unease about how data is collected, used, and analyzed.” - HBR, July/August 2023

The latest HBR Magazine article discusses the ethical challenges of managing people's data and highlights the "Five Ps of Ethical Data Handling": Provenance, Purpose, Protection, Privacy, and Preparation. It emphasizes the need for companies to address these issues to ensure ethical data management practices.

UnBiasIt Ai Data Detect is a solution that can help organizations address these challenges by providing transparency, compliance, data protection, privacy, and data quality throughout the data lifecycle. It offers features such as tracking data origin, assessing data purpose, implementing data protection measures, ensuring privacy through anonymization, and facilitating data cleaning and validation. With UnBiasIt, organizations can make informed and ethical decisions regarding data handling. UnBiasIt is at the forefront creating a comprehensive suite of tools for large enterprises to ethically manage their data.


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