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UnBiasIt Data Stack: Artificial Intelligence Needs a Lesson on Eliminating Bias

Most people are aware of the dangers of bias in AI systems, but few know how to identify and correct it. Bias can be introduced purposely or inadvertently into an AI system, or it can emerge as the AI is used in an application. UnBiasIt utilizes its proprietary Unified Data Stack to enable your organization to identify fully, understand, measure, manage, and reduce bias throughout your enterprise. With UnBiasIt, you can be sure that your data is free of bias and ready to be used in AI applications.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently came out with a report punctuating the new necessity of identifying and correcting bias in historical and current data sets.

The UnBiasIt Bias Assessment Program uses UnBiasIt Data Stack's Detect and Insight components to help you quickly identify the bias risk in your data sources. We also provide a baseline for immediate remediation and ongoing improvement, including our UnBiasIt Bias Alert continuous monitoring. According to NIST, "A key measure to control this risk is to deploy additional systems that monitor for potential bias issues, which can alert the proper personnel when potential problems are detected."


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