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Third-Party Reviews & Audits: Protect Your Wealth with Walker Sports Audit

‘Systematic embezzlement’. Over the last 15 years, Professional athletes have reported nearly $600 million in fraud-related losses. It’s been revealed that even trusted advisors are playing some part in draining millions of dollars from athletes—a sort of ‘systematic embezzlement’ designed to separate the athlete and their money.

Who’s watching your money? Walker Sports Audit offers a unique value proposition by providing an independent and autonomous evaluation of its clients' entire portfolios of endorsements, contracts, investments, compliance, and tax reporting. Through its third-party reviews and audits, Walker Sports Audit ensures its clients receive performance from trusted advisors they can trust. In short, we watch the people watching their money and investments.

No compromising agendas. WSA will never solicit clients beyond their audit, review, recovery, and monitoring services. WSA simply offers a very necessary third-party service with a critical degree of separation that ensures no compromising agenda or misplaced loyalties.

NFL endorsement: In 2022, WSA received the support of the NFL, providing confidence in the organization's capabilities and potential for success.

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