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The Solution: We Watch the People Watching Your Money

Walker Sports Audit [WSA] is an independent audit service that autonomously evaluates our client’s entire portfolio of endorsements, contracts, investments, compliance, insurance, and tax reporting for a fixed or contingency fee. A WSA financial audit digs deep into your financial situation, probing accounting records, internal controls policies, cash holdings, and other sensitive financial areas. Having WSA perform a financial audit can not only uncover malfeasance, but will also help you to prepare for a possible external audit, keep your accounting system in order, and discourage internal fraud and theft.

Walker Sports Audit ensures you are receiving representation from your trusted advisors that you can actually trust. In short, we watch the people watching your money and investments.

Most importantly, no WSA service provider will ever be able to be engaged by our clients beyond our WSA engagement. We will not be looking to solicit clients beyond our stated services. We will never attempt to replace our client’s accountants, agents, etc.; we simply offer our clients a very valuable and necessary audit and evaluation with a degree of separation that ensures no compromising agenda or misplaced loyalties.


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