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Supplier Diversity: A Total Solution for Black-Owned Businesses

Over 30 years of experience. We are in the business of identifying and vetting Black-owned businesses that can perform. Black Progress Alliance CEO and Founding Partner Linda Chatmon have over 30 years of experience helping businesses develop the capacities and capabilities to perform successfully in the public and private sectors.

A total solution for supplier diversity goals. If your organization has supplier diversity goals and you are looking for ways to fulfill them, Black Progress Alliance can help you with a total solution. They work with both Black-owned businesses and large corporations to help them meet their supplier diversity goals.

Reduced risk through proprietary technology. Black Progress Alliance’s CEO Linda Chatmon is developing her proprietary rating system, PARS™, into an app to reduce risk and ensure performance and compliance for Black-owned business participation goals.

Interested in learning more about Black Progress Alliance and how Linda and her team can deliver on your supplier diversity goals, email


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