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Meet the Black Entrepreneur Who Built a Successful Startup with No Capital

Serial entrepreneur Sevetri Wilson achieved success early in her career. At 22, she built a 7-figure company with zero capital. She highlights her journey and life lessons in her book “Solid Ground: How I Built a 7-Figure Company at 22 with Zero Capital”.

Sevetri, a tech founder and business leader, has helped entrepreneurs achieve scale. She’s the founder of Solid Ground Innovations, a communications and management firm, and the New Orleans-based tech startup Resilia. In addition, she raised over $3 million, becoming the first Black woman in New Orleans to raise more than $1 million in venture capital. Read the full article.

Her Advice:

  • “The importance of a network can't be missed on the road to millions.”

  • “Your network (a great one) will lead you to other opportunities, which will allow you to diversify your portfolio.”

  • “If you are going to become a millionaire you have to take risks.”

  • “It's very likely you'll make some less-than-desirable investments along the way, but you have to keep going.”

[Business Insider, September 2020]


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