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Solutions First: Introducing the OG Culture Solution Stack

OG Culture will work to bring league owners and top decision-makers together with Black coaches, aspiring Black executives, potential Black shareholders, and, at times, Black-owned businesses in premier attendance-worthy networking events. OG Culture believes that these social settings will allow everyone to meet each other personally and build not only an essential network but more importantly the trust needed to create lasting relationships.

“At OG Culture, we believe the most effective solution to the advancement of Black executive leadership in the NFL is to provide an infrastructure to develop cultural comfort by building meaningful social relationships.” - James Walker, Founder, OG Culture. With cooperation from the various league head offices, OG Culture will use a variety of tent pole events to organize these gatherings.

Additionally, OG Culture is working with the team at Black Progress Matters to provide a Solution Stack that includes:

  1. OG Culture Networking

  2. BP Executive Staffing

  3. UnBiasIt Racial Bias Alert

  4. WSA Retirement Program


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