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One Black Head Coach. Is this the NFL's Answer to Diversity?

In 2002, the NFL implemented the Rooney Rule, which was intended to increase diversity in head coaching and executive positions. However, as of 2022, there is only one Black head coach in the NFL, which is due to the lack of interest from NFL owners in seeing Black coaches thrive. Although Black players make up roughly 70% of the league, NFL owners have made little effort to promote Black coaches. This problem must be addressed for the NFL to be truly inclusive.

The NFL has twice expanded the Rooney Rule, which requires teams to interview at least one minority candidate for head coaching positions. Although the rule is well-intentioned, it clearly hasn't made an impact so far. The problem is that NFL owners don't seem to see Black coaches as being valuable, and they're not motivated or willing to change that.

The lack of Black representation becomes obvious every season when Black coaches are continuously overlooked when hiring for new positions. This will continue to be a major problem until the NFL, and its owners, start valuing Black leadership.

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