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OG Culture x The NFL: The Leaders Network

Launched by Roger Harriott and James Walker in conjunction with the Black Progress Matters Black-Owned Business Incubation Program, OG Culture was created with the mission to provide the personal connections necessary to empower access and build a proactive hiring environment for Black leadership in professional sports, while also offering essential networking resources and support.

Kicking off on Sunday, January 29th at the East-West Shrine Bowl in Las Vegas, NV, followed by a second event on Wednesday, February 1st at the Reese’s Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL, The Leaders Network will bring together hand-selected Black coaches and team executives at each event, empowering the peer-to-peer relationships necessary to advance Black leadership within the NFL.

“With the remarkable support of Troy Vincent alongside the NFL, this essential network will provide an empowered social platform and visionary pathway to the top, all built on a solid foundation of trusted, lasting relationships,” says Roger Harriott, OG Culture Co-Founder.

OG Culture: Taking Action to Make a Difference

In conjunction with participating leagues and teams, OG Culture develops proactive networking events to provide the personal connections necessary to build a proactive access and hiring environment for Black coaches and Black executives. OG Culture also offers essential networking resources and support, enabling talented, yet often overlooked, Black candidates to navigate the professional sports business landscape successfully.

Each OG Culture event will provide an opportunity for eminently-qualified Black leaders to access influential individuals and key networks, all while fostering meaningful connections and friendships that can help further their career goals. This intimate access will allow aspiring executives to share best practices with fellow attendees and gain insight into how others have made strides in the industry. The Leaders Network provides an invaluable opportunity for those who may not have access to the same networks as others but still want to earn a seat at the table.

“The power of relationships, connection, and friendships should never be underestimated. When leveraged, network building can make all the difference in achieving dreams and ambition,” says James Walker, OG Culture Co-Founder.

By creating meaningful networking opportunities alongside industry leaders, OG Culture hopes to promote the advancement of Black leadership within the NFL and other professional sports, all while inspiring future generations of Black professionals to achieve their goals.


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