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OG Culture Mission: Advance the Hiring of Black Coaches in the NFL

One Global Culture [“OG Culture”] is a new startup that is being developed and launched by Roger Harriott and James Walker in conjunction with the Black Progress Matters Black-Owned Business Incubation Program. OG Culture embraces the Black Progress Matters mission and is specifically dedicated to the hiring and advancement of Black Head Coaches and Executives in professional sports.

One Global Culture is being created as an interpersonal and dynamic event networking organization designed to advance the hiring of Black coaches and executives. The fact is that 80% of jobs, promotions, and raises are filled and are awarded because of personal networking connections. At OG Culture, in conjunction with participating leagues and teams, will develop proactive networking events to provide the personal connections necessary to build a proactive access and hiring environment for Black coaches and executives. OG Culture will also offer essential networking resources and support enabling Black candidates and Black-owned businesses to successfully navigate the professional sports business landscape.


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