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New Programs: Build Your Network with BPX + BPN

Responding to the critical need for more strategic development opportunities for Black professionals and entrepreneurs, Justin King, founder of L.I.G. Sports Group, has partnered with the Black Progress Matters Black-Owned Business Incubation Program to create and launch the Black Progress Executive Membership [BPX] and Black Progress Executive Networking [BPN].

As Managing Partner and CEO of BPX and BPM, Justin is confident that BPX and BPN can energize an international network of Black executives to enable and enhance Black Progress Matters’ core mission to change the color of executives suites worldwide.

Membership in the Black Progress Executive Network [BPX] provides Black professionals with remarkable access to our:

  • An international network of Black executives

  • Executive level job opportunities worldwide

  • Elite network training and resources

  • Myriad of BPM resources and revenue-building opportunities

  • Key to our BPX mission is providing all of our members with the best practices and tactical insights to develop and maximize their networking skills and advance their access to executive-level opportunities.

Through various BPN speaking engagements, online resources, and various teaming partnerships, BPX will help Black professionals establish a sustainable ecosystem for the ongoing advancement of their careers and entrepreneurial ambitions.


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