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New Program from UnBiasIt: Mitigate Bias and Improve Decision-Making in Your Organization

By performing a historical review of unstructured data [when complemented with real-time alerts and continuous monitoring], UnBiasIt delivers a complete assessment of an organization’s bias data posture.

With our introductory Bias Assessment Program [by utilizing UnBiasIt Data Stack’s Detect and Insight components], we can help any organization determine the Bias risk inherent in its various and overwhelming data sources. This assessment also provides a baseline for immediate remediation and ongoing improvement. Here is what our introductory Bias Assessment Program provides:

  • Creation of Proprietary Bias Criteria

  • Overall Data Bias Assessment Report

  • Overall Data Risk Assessment Report

  • Digital Accessibility ADA Compliance Risk

  • Data Insights and Sentiment Analysis

  • Foundation for Future Data Assessments

  • Recommendations for Remediation and Improvement

  • Recognizable Cost Savings

Learn more about UnBiasIt’s Bias Assessment Program.


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