Meeting Recap: The Annual BPM Partners Meeting

Over the past two years, we have been fortunate to have attracted an extraordinary group of contributors and supporters who have embraced and advanced the BPM Core Mission. Because of your involvement and effort, BPM is now recognized as a leader in both the recruitment of accomplished Black talent and the incubation of propitious Black-owned businesses.

Last week, we held our annual BPM Partners Meeting in Naples, Florida, and I presented a comprehensive review of the past year as well as our ambitions for 2023 and beyond. It should be noted that the ongoing theme throughout our couple of days together was how awestruck we all are by the enthusiastic engagement of so many talented contributors.

Along with highlighting so many positive developments in 2022, I stressed that we have inadvertently overextended our BPM leadership and resources by being overly aggressive in incubating so many new businesses at this time. Twelve is a lot of ventures to help incubate, and the distraction from our Core Mission is being compounded by a lack of focus, attention, and resources. In 2023, I will promote a renewed and more focused commitment to our recruiting and staffing initiatives with BP Executive Staffing.

As well as punctuating the need to protect our Core Mission, I called attention to the need for a dynamic Board of Directors as our impact grows. Accordingly, we will invite potential Board Members to serve on our Board of Directors on an annual basis [and hopefully serve on our Board Emeritus thereafter].

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