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Meet the Founders: Spotlight on Linda Chatmon and Adebayo Adeleke

Linda Chatmon Federal Acquisitions Expert and Business Growth Strategist

Linda Chatmon is a Federal Acquisitions Expert and Business Growth Strategist with nearly 25 years of experience helping businesses succeed in the federal market. As the CEO of Contracts and Grants, LLC, Ms. Chatmon heads a team responsible for more than $13.2 billion in government contract negotiations and awards.

Linda is also a Black Progress Matters Advisory Board Member and founder of the Black Progress Alliance and PARS™. The Black Progress Alliance is in the business of identifying and vetting Black-owned businesses that can perform. Black Progress Alliance is committed to executing a total solution for Black-owned businesses and large corporations seeking to fulfill their supplier diversity goals.

Adebayo Adeleke FCIPS, CFCM, FRSA

Adebayo Adeleke is a seasoned supply chain professional who merges his risk management, security, and geopolitical backgrounds to advance innovative global efforts. His hands-on experience and data-driven mindset make him a leader in the supply chain space. Focused on emerging markets, geopolitics, and supply chain management, Mr. Adeleke seeks opportunities to enhance the role of supply chain management for individuals, organizations, and governments.

A Certified Federal Contracts Manager (CFCM) with over ten years in Federal government contracting, Adebayo has vast experience working with FEMA on emergency and restoration contracts for disaster relief areas. He is also a veteran of emergency contracts and acquisition. This experience was obtained from his time in the US Army. During his twenty years of service with the military, Adebayo worked on several contracts for the Department of Defence and civilians.

Adebayo is the CEO of Supply Chain Africa (SCA) - a digital platform advancing African supply chains and enabling life and business on the African continent. He is also the CEO of Adebayo Adeleke LLC (AA LLC) - a management consulting firm that provides advisory and training services in supply chain management, governmental services, and leadership.


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