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Katini Skin x Neiman Marcus: An Exclusive 'Meet the Expert' Event

Last week, the chic ambiance of Neiman Marcus Topanga was illuminated by a unique gathering as part of the exclusive 'Meet the Expert' series. The event featured an intimate and engaging session with Katini Yamaoka, the founder of Katini Skin, a brand renowned for its magical facial oils.

Developed in collaboration with Black Progress Matters and our innovative BPM Black-owned incubator, Katini Skin has become synonymous with luxury beauty, offering facial oils that aim to provide an ethereal touch that accentuates skin's inherent beauty.

A Personal Introduction to Katini Skin The VIP customers of Neiman Marcus were treated to a rare opportunity to connect personally with Katini Yamaoka. Her genuine passion for her craft and her storytelling added a personal charm to the Katini Skin brand. Katini shared the inspirations and stories behind her luxurious facial oils, giving attendees a unique insight into the brand's journey.

Inspiration Across Continents Katini's inspirations draw from a rich tapestry of cultural experiences. From the rugged landscapes of Africa to the delicate artistry found in Japan, and the natural beauty of Australia, her travels across these diverse continents have culminated in the creation of Katini Skin's Facial Oils. Her products are more than skincare; they are an artistic expression, a melding of traditions, and a tribute to the natural beauty found in various corners of the world.

A Magical Connection with Customers The event was more than a showcase; it was a connection. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees expressing a newfound appreciation for the brand's philosophy and products.

We at Black Progress Matters are incredibly proud to be part of Katini's journey and look forward to witnessing her continued growth and success.


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