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Katini Skin: The Buzzy Luxury Beauty Brand

One of the newly incubated businesses, Katini Skin, and its founder, Katini Yamaoka, has been featured in Well+Good as the “Buzzy Luxury Beauty Brand Taking Facial Oil to the Next Level.” Congratulations to Katini and our entire team – the press keeps coming in! Below is a snippet from this incredible feature:

Creating Katini Skin By day, Yamaoka is a singer-songwriter. "The pandemic stopped everything in every industry, but especially in music, there was nothing happening," she says. This gave her the space to focus on her other passion—skin care. "As I was bubbling up with these thoughts in 2020, I was introduced to an incredible organization called Black Progress Matters, where they focus on incubating and accelerating minority-owned businesses," says Yamaoka. "They were looking for someone to collaborate with, and the synergy just worked perfectly.

Finally, she was able to make this brand a reality. "I had all these ideas that I had been writing down for years," she says. "Like how I wanted the formulations to feel, and certain plants and ingredients that I wanted to put in it."


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