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Katini Skin: Celebrating Katini Yamaoka's EP Launch

We are thrilled to join the chorus in celebrating the incredible launch of Katini Yamaoka's latest 6-song EP, 'Beautiful Tragedy.' As a visionary founder and CEO of Katini Skin, Katini's artistic expression goes beyond skincare, resonating with the soulful sound and mesmerizing melody of her music.

'Beautiful Tragedy' beautifully weaves a tale of healing, self-discovery, and finding comfort in one's skin. This musical journey complements Katini’s dedication to skincare, as it nourishes not only the body but also the spirit. In her own words, Katini shared, “Please enjoy the visual story of Beautiful Tragedy, filmed at one of the most stunning locations in Hawaii. I feel immensely grateful to have collaborated with an incredible team, bringing this heartfelt project to life."

Katini's artistic talent and the emotional depth of her music have always inspired us, and this EP is no exception. We invite you all to experience the beauty of 'Beautiful Tragedy' and embrace the harmony it brings to our pursuit of beautiful, healthy skin and soul. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on Katini Skin, and follow along on Instagram @KatiniSkin.


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