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Katini Skin: A Journey of Beauty and Empowerment

Katini Yamaoka had a vibrant summer, marked by two standout events that encapsulated the essence of Katini Skin. The Neiman Marcus Topanga debut presented an evening of luxury and connection, where founder Katini engaged with VIP customers, sharing the inspirations behind her magical facial oils. Meanwhile, the enlightening masterclass at Rob Peetoom Salon offered attendees a transformative experience with Natural Beauty Expert Stephanie Flockhart, delving into the art of Gua Sha and the profound significance of facial oil. Both events, whether in chic retail ambiance or a salon setting, left participants inspired, empowered, and armed with new knowledge about the potential of Katini Skin's products and the art of embracing natural beauty.

✨ Stay tuned for more empowering updates and events from Katini Skin and follow along on Instagram @KatiniSkin.


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