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In the News: Black Student Enrollment Lags at Elite Schools

  • “The issue is not that there aren’t enough qualified Black and Latino students. It’s about who they’re choosing to accept.” – Washington Post

  • “Between 2009 and 2019, the number of Black undergraduates who enrolled right after high school decreased 16%.” – PNPI

  • “Only 15% of Black students attended a highly selective institution, and only 8% of Black students attended an elite research institution.” – PNPI

  • “Great programs like Prep for Prep in New York City identify talented students of color early and prepare them to excel at private schools that were among the original bastions of white privilege. But Prep for Prep only accepts about 200 students a year.” – MarketWatch

  • “Even at Stony Brook University, a state university that I called one of the U.S.’s top 10 engines of upward mobility, blacks comprise only around 10% of undergraduate enrollment.” – MarketWatch

  • “Once again, tiny numbers of Black and Latino students received offers to attend New York City’s elite public high schools." – New York Times

  • “Only eight Black students received offers to Stuyvesant High School, considered one of New York City’s most competitive public schools, this year.” – New York Times

  • “Private schools do disproportionately serve white and higher-income families.” – U.S. News

  • “Between 2001 and 2021, the share of degree-seeking UA undergraduates who identify as Black fell by 29%.” – The University of Alabama


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