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History of BPM CAP: Supporting High School Black Scholars

In 2018, the first Cohort of BPM Scholars were matched with scholarships to begin the process. At that time, the eight high school juniors and their parents were given preliminary interviews asking them what they thought about the admissions process, and where they saw themselves in the future. The results were both shocking and disappointing. Scholars and their parents were unanimous in statements like:

  • College is too expensive, I’m not sure I’ll go.

  • If I do go, I would look at a community college.

  • I’m not even sure how to apply.

  • Where do we look for money to fund this?

The overarching theme is that these scholars and their families were simply not confident nor educated enough on the process and advantages waiting for them. BPM CAP stepped up to make that change.

Since that time, BPM CAP has proudly helped 30 scholars through the program with life-changing results. These students attend some of the country’s most prestigious universities, for free, or a fraction of the cost of what it would have cost them without proper education and guidance.


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