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Executive Staffing: Insights from Brian Burley

Q: What aspects of Executive Recruiting resonate most with you? What do you love about it most?

There are so many individual pieces that make me smile in doing this work but above all else, it aligns with why I confidently feel like I was put on this planet, and that is that I love the idea of helping those who really want to be helped and elevating people to opportunities to change their own lives. A 'time spent' element of this work consistently drives me to align candidates who can bring value. Everything from the prep calls with candidates to when you get to either extend an offer to them or talk to them right after they get an offer, those 'thank you's' and that excitement is honest—it's making a mark and creating change that goes beyond your part in the process. Leaders create change, and it takes leaders to do that.

Q: What inspired your alignment with the BPM Mission, and what motivated your collaboration between your company, Qualified Human, and our organization?

Throughout my career in talent acquisition, my professional and personal focus has been intentional and focused on the mission of adding diverse talent value to organizations. BPM's mission and our relationship-building approach resonate closely with the work I was already engaged in through QualifiedHuman. This alignment of values made the partnership an incredibly logical step. Together we are stronger—plus, I am a complete nerd about learning from the best, and when I saw the history and the other teaming partners, I knew I could learn a lot as well.

Q: Could you share a quote that holds significance for you and elaborate on why it resonates so strongly?

Choose Your Hard & Fail Forward. When you know you can make an impact, not making one is harder than working to make it. I heard a good friend say recently that outside of spending time with family and good people, I cannot think of anything else I would rather do than try to change my life and the world, which resonated with me. So go & work until you are the real version of who you want to be. If you fail? Great – think about why it didn't work and get sharper with your execution and focus.

We are honored to have Brian Burley, Founder of QualifiedHuman, on our BPM Advisory Board. As a Black Progress Executive Staffing Teaming Partner, Brian Burley brings invaluable experience and passion for Executive Recruiting and our broader Black Progress Matters mission.


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