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Executive Staffing: BPX's Executive Talent for Every Function

At Black Progress Executive Staffing, we specialize in supporting organizations to diversify their leadership teams by offering executive-level recruitment services for Black professionals. Our BPX Executive Staffing team and network of teaming partners are equipped to assist companies across various industries to attract and hire top Black talent for Director-level and above positions.

Our services cater to a range of industries, including:

  • Information Technology: Our team can connect you with executive-level talent in IT, from CIOs, CTOs, and Lead Software Developers to Infrastructure Managers and IT Operations Directors.

  • Human Resources: We have expertise in placing HR executives, including CHROs, Total Rewards and Benefit Directors, HR Directors, and Talent Acquisition Directors.

  • Sales/Marketing: Companies seeking top sales and marketing professionals can rely on our network to fill director-level and above positions, such as VP of Sales, Director of Marketing, Promotions and Advertising Managers, and Chief Marketing Officers.

  • Legal: We specialize in connecting organizations with the best legal resources in the industry, including litigation attorneys, general counsel roles, managing partners, and Chief Legal Officers.

  • Accounting/Finance: Our highly skilled recruitment specialists can provide you with director-level and above accounting and finance professionals that meet your high standards, such as CFOs, Controllers, and Financial Planning and Analysis Directors.

  • Health Care: We provide health care organizations with top executive-level talent, from non-clinical staff to healthcare administrators, Chief Medical Officers, and Chief Operating Officers.

  • Manufacturing/Operations: We specialize in placing skilled candidates in Manufacturing, Plant Management, Supply Chain, Lean, Logistics Engineering, and Operations roles at the director level and above, such as Chief Operating Officers and Directors of Operations.

  • Engineering: BPM’s technical staffing expertise has an unmatched talent pool and our network of partners have over 20 years of customer references filling all types of engineering requirements, including director-level positions such as Director of Engineering and Chief Engineer.

Every organization can benefit from the instant solutions Black Progress Executive Staffing offers to effectuate immediate change in the color of their executive level. Get started with Black Progress Executive Staffing today.


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