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Executive Spotlight: Charles Harris Jr. - Leading Transformation in Tech

In this edition of our summer round-up, we focus on the exceptional career and accomplishments of Charles Harris Jr., Ph.D. With over two decades of experience, Charles has successfully steered technology solutions across diverse transportation, education, communications, and healthcare sectors.

This past February, Black Progress Executive Staffing was proud to place Charles as the new Vice President of Information Technology at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and his impact has been profound. He oversees IT operations and spearheads technical innovations to meet the organization's unique needs. His recent recognition as a Florida CIO of the Year Award nominee speaks volumes about his leadership acumen.

Charles represents a beacon of innovation and leadership in the tech landscape. His journey, from impactful roles in various industries to his current pivotal position with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, highlights his ability to drive change and growth. As Black Progress Executive Staffing aligns with his vision and secures a sponsorship at the CIO of the Year Awards, this underscores BPM's commitment to progress and sets the stage for a promising trajectory in North America's tech arena. 🚀


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