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Executive Solutions: Advancing Black Leadership in Sports with OG Culture

Advancing Black leadership. OG Culture, an interpersonal and dynamic event networking organization designed to advance the hiring of Black coaches and executives in professional sports, hosted its inaugural event series, The Leaders Network, last month, in partnership with the NFL.

Empowered social platform. “With the remarkable support of Troy Vincent alongside the NFL, this essential network will provide an empowered social platform and visionary pathway to the top, all built on a solid foundation of trusted, lasting relationships,” says Roger Harriott, OG Culture Co-Founder.

The power of mentorship. Following the successful launch of The Leaders Network events, the founders at OG Culture are now busy developing its nascent mentorship program with the support of Coach Tony Dungy to further its efforts to advance Black leadership throughout professional sports.

Interested in learning more about OG Culture or supporting the mission? Visit


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