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Exclusive Interview: Katini Yamaoka on Working with Black Progress Matters

This past week Justin King, CEO of Black Progress Executive Membership Group [BPX], had the opportunity to sit down with Katini Yamaoka, Founder of Katini Skin, to discuss her journey leading her to build and launch her business with Black Progress Matters.

About Katini Yamaoka Katini is a Japanese-African singer-songwriter based in New York. Katini's love for music unfolded in jazz and has deeply influenced her tone and technique. Katini has traveled the world performing for organizations such as Forbes and the United Nations.

Starting her entrepreneurial journey, Katini founded Katini Skin in partnership with our BPM Black-Owned Business Incubator Program. Katini Skin is a clean beauty brand committed to positively impacting the planet and the community and is an ode to the natural health and beauty practices Katini inherited through her upbringing across Japan, Africa, and Australia.

Shop the collection today, available online at and


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