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Diversity Deficit: Fortune 500 Boards Fail to Reflect America's Population

The "Missing Pieces" Report, a collaboration between the Alliance for Board Diversity (ABD) and Deloitte, highlights the need for further progress in advancing African American representation in corporate boardrooms. Key findings from the report indicate that while there has been some growth, there is still significant room for improvement:

  • Representation Gaps: The report emphasizes that no Fortune 500 company board fully reflects the demographic population of the United States, revealing a lack of representation for African Americans in corporate leadership positions.

  • Urgency for Change: Despite incremental progress, the report underscores the importance of sustained efforts to address the underrepresentation of African Americans in boardrooms, urging companies to prioritize diversity and inclusion initiatives.

  • African American/Black Women: While there has been a 47% increase in board seats for African American/Black women since 2020, the report highlights the need for continued efforts to ensure their meaningful representation in corporate boardrooms.

The findings from the report emphasize the imperative for businesses to intensify their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, specifically focusing on advancing African American representation in boardrooms. Learn more about the Missing Pieces report here.


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