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Committed to Change: Blue Apron Embraces the BPM Mission

BPM is fortunate to have received enthusiastic support from nearly every organization we have contacted, and this week we are thrilled to announce that Blue Apron has committed to working with Black Progress Matters to advance Black leadership at the executive level throughout their organization.

Many organizations are willing to adapt, but very few are ready to lead. Blue Apron demonstrates its commitment to advancing Black leadership at the executive level by embracing the Black Progress Matters mission.

Blue Apron is a leading meal kit delivery service, delivering fresh ingredients and recipes straight to customers' doorsteps. With its commitment to using high-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients, Blue Apron has revolutionized the way people think about home cooking. The company has a large and dedicated following of customers who appreciate its focus on convenience, health, and environmental sustainability.

We are excited to begin our partnership with Blue Apron, as each new partnership we forge is critical in furthering our mission to advance Black leadership in organizations worldwide. Learn more about our Black Progress Executive Staffing program here.


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