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Coming Soon: PARS™ — Bridging the Gap for Black-Owned Businesses

PARS™ is a performance assessment rating system that uses a "mock" environment and predetermined metrics to rate the performance of small, minority-, women-, and veteran-owned businesses. Participating businesses complete a survey, the answers of which are used as evaluation factors to assess businesses in four key areas:

  1. Technical ability

  2. Teaming capabilities

  3. Government suitability [if applicable]

  4. Past performance

PARS™ uses key evaluation factors to help prime contractors determine the capabilities of potential teaming partners and subcontractors. Using the PARS™ method, BP Alliance ensures a "qualified" supplier meets the minimum requirements for experience, size, financial stability, technical capability, and other factors participating public and private sector organizations require. The BP Alliance will provide the technical assistance necessary to help participating Black-owned businesses increase their capabilities and capacities to compete for business opportunities successfully.


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