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Coming in the New Year: BPM 2023 Initiatives

In 2023 [and beyond], we will remain relentlessly committed to advancing our Core Mission as well as continuing to incubate ambitious Black-owned businesses.

BPM Black-Owned Business Incubator Our BPM Black-Owned Business Incubator, in conjunction with the significant support of Advantage Global Resources, now has 10 new Black-owned startups in various stages of development, including BP Executive Staffing [BPX], OG Culture, Walker Sports Audit, BP College Advisor, BP Alliance, M&L Devine Resources, UnBiasIt, SmartGov Data Technologies, Katini Skin, and Cocoa by CeCe - and we are just getting started.

BPM Funding While our current funding and resources for incubating new businesses are limited, the Founding Partners have pledged BPMs entire profits to our incubator program - making the potential of this program almost limitless. In the meantime, we are particularly appreciative of AGRs continuing back-end support and financing of our incubated businesses.

In 2022, one of the most noteworthy events of our ongoing business development was the involvement of a first round investor in Katini Skin. Every step up the ladder of success that one of our incubated businesses takes brings all of BPM along.

BPM is an Incubator, not an Operator In 2023, we will continue to support the full launch of all 10 incubated adventures, however, it is important to remember BPMs involvement is that of an incubator and not as an operator of businesses.

BPM does not have the resources, nor do we intend to develop the resources to operate any of our incubated businesses. Fortunately, AGR does have the resources to provide ongoing backend support - and that certainly provides a resolute confidence in all our undertakings.


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