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Cocoa by CeCe: CeCe's Marvelous Martha's Vineyard Debut

Congratulations to CeCe Olisa, founder of Cocoa by CeCe, for a fantastic event at the Soulfully Textured festival on Martha's Vineyard. The event proved to be a remarkable occasion where her signature Doll Butter and Self Love Scrub made a captivating debut, amplified by the invaluable support she received from her loyal customers and fans.

Creating a genuine and heartwarming community stood out prominently among the many highlights. The festival was a platform for empowering conversations and soulful connections, beautifully reflecting the love she nurtures with her audience.

As CeCe continues her journey, we are excited to follow along and support her as she fosters even stronger online and in-person bonds with her customers. And to borrow her words, "with boundless gratitude and an abundance of cocoa-infused affection," we hope to see you at the next Cocoa by CeCe event. Follow along on CeCe's journey on Instagram @CeCeOlisa and @CocoabyCeCe.


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