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By the Numbers: Too Little Progress for Black Executives in the US

The below statistics underscore the need for more Black executives, and BP Executive Staffing is ready, willing, and able to deliver.

  • “While changing the look of boardrooms is important and challenging in itself, tackling the lack of minority leadership in the C-suite is an even bigger hurdle.” – Investopedia

  • “No Black CEOs or members of the senior management team at the major [Hollywood] studios in early 2020, and only 3.9% of major studio unit heads were Black.” – Deadline

  • “At current tech hiring and promotion rates, it will take 95 years for Black employees to reach “talent parity.” – CIO

  • “Black executives are few and far between — a mere 3% of corporate executives.” – Harvard Business Review

  • “Representation of Black leaders in the hospitality industry fell from 2.7 percent at the director level to 1.6 percent at the chief (C-suite) level.” – Hotel Management

  • “The Washington Post found that at the 50 most valuable public companies in the U.S., only 8% of top executives were Black.” – ClearCompany

  • “At least eight companies, including Walmart, employed no Black executives at all.” – ClearCompany


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