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BPX Flex: Transforming AI Culture with Elizabeth Adams

Introducing our BPX Flex Chief AI Culture Officer (CAICO) program in partnership with Elizabeth Adams and EMA Advisory Services.

This fractional, temporary, advisory, or full-time engagement is designed to help organizations develop a responsible AI culture. Elizabeth Adams brings her extensive expertise and experience in Responsible AI to assess, enhance, and transform an organization's AI practices. The engagement includes a comprehensive assessment, development of recommendations and action plans, and ongoing advisory services to ensure the adoption of responsible AI practices. By leveraging this program, organizations can align their AI strategies with ethical considerations, promote responsible decision-making, and foster a positive AI culture. Don't miss the opportunity to work with Elizabeth Adams and EMA Advisory Services to navigate the complexities of AI while prioritizing responsibility and ethics.

Introducing Elizabeth Adams, our esteemed Chief AI Culture Officer for the BPX Flex program.

With a remarkable background in Responsible AI and Tech Inclusion, Adams is a thought leader, influencer, and advocate for ethical AI practices. Her extensive experience as an advisor, researcher, and keynote speaker make her the ideal leader in driving positive change and setting high standards for AI adoption across industries. As CEO of EMA Advisory Services and an Affiliate Fellow at Stanford HAI, Adams brings unparalleled expertise and commitment to responsible AI, making her an invaluable asset to organizations.

We are thrilled to partner with Elizabeth Adams for our first BPX Flex Program offering, where she will help organizations navigate the complex landscape of AI implementation while upholding ethical principles.

Interested in working with Elizabeth Adams and BPX Flex? Contact us today at to learn more about how BPX Flex’s Chief Ai Culture Officer program can benefit your organization.


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