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BPX Executive Staffing: The LA Rams and Black Progress Matters

Last week, Dean Haynesworth, our CEO, and Calvin Blackmon, our Advisory Board Member and BPX Teaming Partner, joined by Katherine Ragusa, our Resource Partner, had the privilege to meet with the LA Rams in beautiful Newport Beach, CA. This was a meeting filled with great discussions, and we were honored to be invited to their training camp.

A Day at Training Camp Being amongst the players, coaches, and staff, feeling the energy and the unity that pervades a team committed to excellence, was a motivating experience. The experience also allowed us to understand the ethos that drives the Rams. Their dedication to teamwork, excellence, and innovation aligns seamlessly with our mission at Black Progress Matters.

Our association with the LA Rams is a testament to our shared values and mission, a synergy that underscores our dedication to supporting and promoting Black leadership in their organization. Such collaborations will foster growth and innovation and send a powerful message of unity and inclusiveness throughout the NFL and professional sports.

We want to thank the LA Rams, notably Alex Hill, for their warmth, hospitality, and belief in our mission. As we progress, stay tuned for updates on this exciting partnership and other developments aligning with our unwavering commitment to progress.


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