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BPX Executive Staffing: Effectuate Immediate Change—Action, Not Rhetoric

Introducing the Black Progress Executive Staffing Contingency-Fee Program – the solution for organizations looking to make real progress in changing the color of their executive suite and boardroom. Here are the key benefits of partnering with our BPX team:

⏭️ Immediate Change: Our executive recruiting and staffing solutions offer a quick and effective way to bring more Black executives into your organization, effectuating immediate change.

💰 Positive Returns: Nothing will give your organization more positive returns throughout your organization, community, or in the marketplace than the timely inclusion of more Black executives. We can help you achieve this goal.

💼 Contingency-Fee Program: Our BPX Contingency Fee is 25% of the starting annual salary, and our $5k prepayment on each job opening is waived for participating clients. This fee structure ensures that our success is tied to your success, and we only get paid when you hire the right candidate.

🚀 Action, Not Rhetoric: Don't just talk the talk - walk the walk. Many organizations have made diversity promises without clear paths to fulfill them. Our staffing program offers real solutions to demonstrate actionable change and substantive results.

🌟 Stellar Accounts: We are proud to have partnered with a range of organizations, including Walmart, NFL, Glassdoor, Moderna, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Manpower, PwC, Oshkosh Corporation, Insmed, BMI, Tenneco, Alvarez & Marsal, and Intermountain Healthcare, among others. Our successful partnerships demonstrate our ability to deliver results for a wide range of clients.

🌎 International Reach: With our success and experience, we are now poised to take our staffing services international. We are confident that our approach can be applied to organizations around the world.

Partnering with Black Progress Executive Staffing can help your organization achieve its diversity and inclusion goals while also improving its bottom line. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you effectuate real change in your executive suite and boardroom.

Get Started: Is Your Organization Ready to Join BPM?

Is your organization ready to join BPM in advancing Black leadership at the executive level? The BPM Commitment simply states that “We are committed to working with Black Progress Matters to advance Black leadership at the executive level throughout our organization worldwide.”

If you are committed to advancing Black leadership in your organization, contact today.


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