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BPM Incubated Brand: Vogue Features Katini in Honor of Juneteenth

This past week, Vogue Magazine celebrated Juneteenth with a special feature highlighting nine Black entrepreneurs in the fashion and beauty industries. In the article, Vogue asked BPM Brand Founder Katini Yamaoka what Juneteenth means to her and how she planned to celebrate:

Katini Yamaoka, Founder of Katini Skin Juneteenth is a special day recognizing our ancestor’s greatness, where they came from, and affirming who they are today. It’s a time to remember the rich cultural heritage, triumphs, and adversities that African Americans had to go through to make up this country’s history. The day is about freedom, gratitude, and the power in our diversity.

Personally I love to start the day by listening to music. As an artist myself, music is the universal language and a meaningful way for me to appreciate emotions words sometimes can’t express. Some of my favorite artists such as Sam Cooke, Ella Fitzgerald, and Nina Simone came up in such times of adversities, but through music were gracefully able to express their hopes, struggles, and dreams... As a brand, I want people to explore some of our incredible ingredients such as Baobab and Honeybush that are native to the beautiful content of Africa. I also want our customers to know that through our partnership with Black Progress Matters (BPM), a portion of every sale made at Katini Skin (always, not just for Juneteenth) goes back into funding other founders of color to create more Black ownership.

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