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BPM Business Incubator: We Incubate Black-Owned Businesses

Success for Blacks has traditionally come in sports and entertainment, while success in business has often taken a back seat - until now. Today, we are fortunate to have some inspirational Black role models in business, and while most of them, like Michael Jordan, Jay Z, Oprah, Shaq, Serena, etc., have come from sports and entertainment, they are showing every person of color that success in business is even more fulfilling than success in sports and entertainment. I believe we are on the threshold of an explosion of Black talent and entrepreneurship in business, and BPM is committed to leading the way.

UnBiasIt Over the past two years, the BPM Incubator Program and I have worked with PremCloud Resources to develop UnBiasIt. UnBiasIt is now arguably the most advanced Black-owned tech company in the world. With proprietary data technologies, UnBiasIt provides unified bias-free data by exposing inherent risk in both current and legacy data sources compromised by bias. In 2023, we will be taking UnBiasIt to market for acquisition. Our market valuation is targeted at $20M.

BPM Advisory Membership Responding to the critical need for more strategic networking opportunities for Black professionals and entrepreneurs, BPM has launched an Advisory Membership program. Along with providing significant opportunities for all of our BPM Advisory Members, BPM is confident that we can energize an international network of Black executives to enable and enhance Black Progress Matters’ Core Mission.

In conjunction with BPX, BPM Advisory Membership will provide Black professionals with remarkable access to:

  • An international membership network of Black executives

  • Executive-level job opportunities worldwide

  • ​Elite network training and resources

  • Myriad of BPM revenue-building opportunities


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