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BPM Business Incubator: We Incubate Black-Owned Businesses

“Success for Blacks has traditionally come in sports and entertainment, while success in business has often taken a back seat - until now. Today, we are fortunate to have some great Black role models in business, and while most of them like Michael Jordan, Jay Z, Oprah, Shaq, Kanye, Serena, etc. have come from sports and entertainment, they are showing every person of color that success in business is even better than success in sports and entertainment.

I believe we are on the threshold of an explosion of Black talent in business, and BPM is committed to leading the way.” – Dean Haynesworth, CEO

A key pillar of our Black Progress Matters mission is our Black-Owned Business Incubator Program. The BPM Founding Partners have pledged BPM's entire profits to this ambitious incubator program. Already, BPM is engaged in the partnership and financing of several significant Black-owned start-ups including UnBiasIt, Katini Skin, Cocoa by CeCe, GRW for Hair, Walker Sports Audit, BPN, OG Culture, and BPM CAP.

Currently, BPM is successfully incubating Black-owned businesses in the following categories:

→ Big Data Technology UnBiasIt

→ Beauty & Wellness Katini Skin, Cocoa by CeCe, GRW for Hair

While each opportunity will encourage additional investment, we are confident that the pledged profits of BPM will continue to provide substantial start-up funding. Ultimately, the real success of every BPM incubated business will come from the full engagement and business savvy provided by the executive Black ownership.


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