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BP Executive Staffing: We’re Changing the Color of the Executive Suite

Every organization can benefit from the instant solutions BPM offers to effectuate immediate change in the color of their executive level. And nothing will give them more positive returns throughout their organization, community, or marketplace than the timely inclusion of more Black executives. Almost every organization is finally addressing its racial bias issues, and despite their best efforts, they still don't have anything that effectively creates immediate impact like our BP Executive Staffing Program.

Our Contingency-Fee BP Executive Staffing Service enables organizations to achieve their promised staffing goals with an intentional focus on providing Black candidates to the pool from which to select.

Our Black Progress Executive Staffing division works with organizations on a collaborative basis to provide the recruitment and direct placement of Black candidates at the executive level. Black Progress Executive Staffing focuses explicitly on delivering immediate results to support the diversification of an organization's executive suite.

Additionally, Black Progress Executive Staffing ensures our clients and candidates that regardless of race, color, creed, orientation, or gender specificity, we will work to provide the most appropriate executive candidates for the available position. Black Progress Executive Staffing is an all-inclusive organization.


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