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BP Executive Staffing: STARZ Embraces the BPM Mission

BPM is fortunate that nearly every organization we have contacted has provided us with their enthusiastic support. And this week, we're thrilled to announce that STARZ has committed to working with Black Progress Matters to advance Black leadership at the executive level throughout their organization.

Many organizations are willing to adapt, but very few are ready to lead. STARZ demonstrates its commitment to advancing Black leadership at the executive level by embracing the Black Progress Matters mission.

Here's a look at a handful of stories that demonstrate the entertainment industry's need for our BP Executive Staffing Program:

  • "Hollywood's Lack of Black Executives Is Harming the African American Community, Says NAACP Study." [Backstage]

  • "There were no Black CEOs or members of the senior management team at the major studios in early 2020, and only 3.9% of major studio unit heads were Black." [Deadline]

  • "Only five women of color directed a top-grossing film between 2020 and 2021, and fewer than 2% of all directors across 15 years were women of color." [Forbes]

  • "Here's where Hollywood's efforts to improve diversity really stand in 2022." [CNBC]

STARZ has taken the first step to advance Black leadership at the executive level in the entertainment industry by committing to working with Black Progress Matters. Our BPM Contingency-Fee Executive Staffing Service enables organizations like STARZ to achieve their staffing goals, focusing on providing exceptional Black candidates to the pool from which to select. We're looking forward to all that we can build with STARZ. Learn more about our remarkable Executive Black Talent Contingency-Fee Staffing Service.


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