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BP Executive Resources: Unlock the Potential of BPX Opportunities

Mission Statement The BPX Resource Library is an international selling resource.

BPX Resource Partners The BPX Resource Library will deliver an easily accessible and valuable library of essential information on all our available BPX Resource Partners. It will facilitate and enhance opportunities for our BPX Members with their prospective customers worldwide while enabling advantageous and frictionless opportunities for intracompany and BPX Member participation. As the list of our BPX Resource Partners grows in our BPX Resource Library, our BPX Member opportunities will also grow.

Getting the BPX Resource Library started. The BPX Resource Library aims to make referrals and sales possible. We have customers everywhere. In fact, everyone that our BPX Members touch is a potential customer. We will begin by building a BPX Resource Library full of the premium BPX Resource opportunities that our various BPX Providers can profitably and effectively provide.

BPX Member Access Once we identify everything BPX Resources has to offer, we will need to make it all accessible to our BPX Members.

The complete launch is scheduled for October 12th and will mark a critical milestone for BPM as we grow and provide more opportunities for our participants.


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