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Beauty & Wellness: Discover the Luxury of Nature with Katini Skin

Nature is luxury. Raised plant-based from birth and educated at a neo-humanistic school, Katini was gifted with an understanding of natural healing from a very young age. Drawing on her experience, Katini's debut collection of facial oils boasts a proprietary blend of unique plant-derived ingredients sourced worldwide.

The sky’s the limit. Katini Skin has established itself as a luxury skincare brand with distribution in high-end retailers like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue. In 2022, Katini Skin received early-stage investment from Chris Stadler, a reputable managing partner of CVC Capital, and has also received awards and press accolades from well-known publications like Vogue, Marie Claire, Byrdie, Allure, Ebony, Refinery29, etc.

Global aspirations. In addition to her plans to launch a signature Body Oil, Katini Yamaoka and her team are busy preparing their plans for global expansion.

Join the global beauty movement with Katini Skin, learn more at, or follow Katini on Instagram @KatiniMusic and @KatiniSkin.


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