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As Seen In: Marie Claire Beauty Issue Featuring Katini Skin

One of the newly incubated businesses, Katini Skin, and its founder, Katini Yamaoka, has been featured in the Marie Claire Beauty Issue. The two-page spread dives into Yamaoka's background and journey to becoming an entrepreneur creating her collection of sustainable and ethical skin care products. Below are some of the highlights from this incredible feature:

“Drawing on ancient wisdom, this new beauty brand uses some of the best natural ingredients from around the world.” – Marie Claire

Raised in Australia and born to a Japanese mother and an African father, Yamaoka wanted to build a skincare company celebrating the places she knows. She’s combined her interests and experiences to create a company with impact. “People often talk about diversity of thought and representation without understanding what it really means,” she says, “but when you’re exposed to other cultures and languages and ways of thinking, it just expands your mind.”

Through Katini Skin, her line of organic facial oils, Yamaoka hopes to do just that for her consumers, incorporating ingredients that might be unfamiliar to Western shoppers, like baobab and kakadu plum. Yamaoka worked with Black Progress Matters to bring her vision to the mainstream market as soon as possible; within weeks of her February 2022 launch, her products became available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

On Self-Expression “Growing up, I would travel to Australia and they’d be like, ‘Where are you from? Where are your parents from?’ People always want to be able to put you in a clean-cut box, whether it’s as fully Japanese or as Australian, when I have these beautiful other cultures. So, I struggled trying to describe who I was and what that meant. A few years ago, I realized the power of me and the uniqueness of me is what makes me me. “I want others to be able to be exactly who they are and know there are ways to flawlessly incorporate that into your job, your brand, or whatever you’re working on.” [Katini Yamaoka, Founder, Katini Skin]

On Sustainability “We have two pillars: giving back to the community and building a sustainable business that is friendly to the Earth. People want to know where their products came from. They want to know what kind of impact they’re making through the products they purchase. So, everything that we have is wild-harvested, and natural and organic where possible.” [Katini Yamaoka, Founder, Katini Skin]

Pick up a copy of this Marie Claire issue at your local newsstand to read the full article. Discover the Katini Skin collection today.


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