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Black Progress Staffing works with organizations to provide the recruitment and direct placement of minority candidates at the executive level.  We specifically focus on delivering immediate results to support the diversification of an organization’s executive suite.

BPM Executive Minority Recruitment Augmentation Program

BPM effectuates change by providing best-in-class executive staffing solutions.  This enables organizations to achieve their staffing goals with an intentional focus on providing diverse candidates to the pool from which to select from.  We partner with organizations to help them be competitive in the recruitment and hiring of top talent.  We bring thoroughly vetted diverse candidates to the table for consideration so that companies have the ability to choose from a selective candidate pool.    

There are two ways to fill a position in your company. You can either go out and find that person yourself, or you can turn to a recruitment agency. Either way, there is a cost associated with the process. You have to take time away from your business to find, source, interview, hire, and train someone, or you can pay a recruiting agency to do that time-consuming work for you.

BPM’s Executive Minority Recruitment Augmentation Program provides strategic resources to address spikes in hiring, new business initiatives, product launches, or handle parts of the hiring process, allowing BPM clients to add executive minority recruitment capabilities immediately, without any process changes or technology implementation.

The BPM RAP service will provide rapid delivery of the best minority candidates to fill the predetermined openings within the organization, reduce recruiting operational costs, and support the diversity initiatives of our clients.  


BPM works with our clients to design and execute a customized talent acquisition and recruitment process that will deliver results.  We work with our client’s internal team to support and enhance the approach to get the talent they need.  This includes the full recruitment and hiring life cycle, including candidate research and sourcing, direct recruiting, candidate interview, feedback, and selection process.  

Our BPM Executive Minority Staffing Process


Create a Position Profile

We work collaboratively with you to define the position profile to target the search for the ideal executive.

Select Candidates For You

We produce a handpicked pool of target candidates and begin marketing to key executives to solicit interest on your behalf.

Assess the Talent

We thoroughly evaluate each candidate's functional, industry, and managerial expertise combined with the cultural fit for your organization.

Streamline Interviews

We coordinate the interview process to streamline the evaluation and selection process.


You make your choice and we conduct the necessary negotiation and candidate verifications to secure a successful outcome.

You hire an accomplished executive that meets your exacting standards,  supporting a minority-owned business.

Search Conclusion

Black Progress Matters is currently sourcing Executive Minority Staffing candidates through our international network of staffing associations [e.g. iWorld Professionals, AP WNY, AP Rochester, AP Phoenix, c1 Advantage, Advantage Global Resources, and Capax Resource Management of London, England].


Black Progress Staffing is the first pillar of the Black Progress Matters mission.



Turnbo Malone


One of America's first and most prominent African-American businesswomen, Annie Turnbo Malone founded and developed Poro College, a commercial and educational business focused on cosmetics for black women. 

While experimenting with hair and different hair-care products, she developed and manufactured her own line of non-damaging hair straighteners, special oils, and hair-stimulant products for African-American women.  She named her new product “Wonderful Hair Grower.”  To promote her new product, Turnbo sold the Wonderful Hair Grower in bottles door-to-door.  Her products and sales began to revolutionize hair-care methods for all African Americans.

Poro College as an institution of learning was established as a way to teach people about black cosmetology.  Through the school and the business, Malone created jobs for 75,000 women around the world.  She's recorded as the first black female millionaire in the United States, with a reported $14 million in assets in 1920 ($167 million by today's standards).