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Walker Sports Audit

Independent audit and rating of your trusted advisors.


Doug Whaley, Board Member + Founding Partner

Walker Sports Audit is an independent audit service that autonomously evaluates our client’s entire portfolio of endorsements, contracts, investments, compliance, and tax reporting for a fixed or contingency fee.  Additionally, WSA can provide our clients with an independent continuous monitoring service for all of their financial activity.

Most importantly, no WSA service provider will ever be able to be engaged by our clients beyond our WSA engagement.  We will not be looking to solicit clients beyond our stated services.  We will never attempt to replace our client’s accountants, agents, etc.

Although we will initially be addressing athletes and celebrities [who fill the news every day with horror stories of how they were ruined by embezzlement from their most trusted advisors], we feel our independent audit and continuous monitoring services will also prove valuable to clients who have considerable estates with little personal business acumen or experience.  Estates acquired through inheritance or divorce are particularly at risk from unscrupulous or indifferent fiduciary oversight.

There are four main components of our WSA services:

• Independent Forensic Audit
• Advacovery
• Continuous Financial Monitoring
• Walker Sports Audit Trusted Advisor Rating Service


“We simply offer our clients a very valuable and necessary audit and evaluation with a degree of separation that ensures no compromising agenda or misplaced loyalties.”

– Doug Whaley, CEO/Executive Partner, Walker Sports Audit


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